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Branding Windows XP

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This is another one of my favorite hacks on Windows XP. By default, unless your computer was custom built, will probably have a Windows XP icon, factory data and information, etc. But you can change the system information using this hack. First of all I would, to get the maximum effect, right click on My Computer, and click properties. Go to the General Tab and see the picture at the bottom left and the information on the right. They are both about to be changed.

First you need to create the image that you will use to add into the box to replace the old image. It must be 180 * 115 pixels. Once you have created the file save it with the name oemlogo.jpg in C:WindowsSystem32 folder.

Now, to change the text and computer information, go to Notepad. Copy down the following code, but change the text on the right of the = sign:
[General] Manufacturer=Whatever You Want
Model=Some cool name like Junk 1.0.04
[Support Information]
Line1=No support provided in English
Line2=Guaranteed to work for 6 days
Line3=97% return fee
Line4=Returns accepted only in a warehouse located in wherever

When done go to File and Save as and save the file as oeminfo.ini in the C:WindowsSystem32. Make sure to save it with the .ini at the end and select All Files.

Now look at the System Properties screen again, after reloading it, and see the changes.

If there are any problems you may email the Admin or see the Help section of the site.

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