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How to change the "Start" button in windows

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There are some really neat hacks and edits you can do to Windows XP. One of my favorites, though, is the ability to change the famous "start" button. You see it everytime you get on the computer, hopefully, and it awesome to customize it, so that you have the ability to click on what you want.

Despite the different options you have in editing the "start" button I would suggest, and will use, Resource Hacker, which you can download here.

Open the Windows file "explorer.exe" (Of course without the quotations) in the C:Windows directory.

When explorer.exe is loaded you should see many folders displayed on the left. Expand the String Table folder then expand the 37 folder and click on 1033.

On the screen, it should display a bunch of text. Go to where it displays "Start" and replace that text with what you would like it to say. Keep it within 20 characters, though, because in excess of that the tab gets too large. Also, do not change any of the other text contained in that file.

Click the Compile Script button and save the file you just edited by clicking "File" and "Save As". Save it as ExplorerHacked.exe. Make sure that you add the .exe at the end.

Now you need to change the registry, so that it will load the new file when you log on. Click Start and Run. Type in regedit and click Ok. When the registry loads, expand to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,SOFTWARE,Microsoft,Windows NT,CurrentVersion, and WinLogon.

Inside the WinLogon folder go to the Shell entry and right-click, and select Modify. Type in ExplorerHacked.exe and click OK. When finished close the Registry and log off and log back in. The changes should have been made and you should have a customized "start" button.

If there are any problems you can email the Admin, or refer to our Help section of the site.

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