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  Removing unneccessary services on Windows XP

Removing unneccessary services on Windows XP

By: Admin

There are many services included in Windows XP, some of which can be removed and speed up your computer.

1. Click "Start" then "Run." Type in services.msc
2. Right click on the following services and click on properties. Select the drop down box and click "Disable" on the following services:
Computer Browser - Only disable this service if you do not need the network browsing function.
Distributed Link Trackng Client - This service keeps track of linnks of files on a NTFS volume on your computer. But it is not system critical and can be safely disabled.
Error Reporting Service - Reports errors to Microsoft so that Microsoft can fix bugs in its software.
Help and Support - Used for Help and Support.
HTTP SSL - Allows the personal web server built into Windows XP (ISS6.0) to provide secure web transfers.
Indexing Service - Creates a searchable index of the items in your hard drive. Should only be desabled if you do not or hardly use the "Search."
Logical Disk Manager - Used when changing hardware. If you are planning on changing your and/or adding hard drives.
Messenger - Provides chatting between networks. Highly recommend disabling this service because it can help spammers.
Remote Registry - (Not available in XP Home)Allows the System Registry to be accessed remotely.
Server - Used to share printers and files over a network.
Shell Hardware Detection - Used to detect external memory. Can be disabled if you do not use any external memory.
SSDP Discovery Service - Looks for Universal Plug and Play drives on your network.
System Event Notification - Tracks more system events.
Task Scheduler - Allows users to schedule and configure tasks.
TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper - Allows the NetBIOS network protocol to run.
Terminal Services - Lets users connect using Remote Desktop.
WebClient - Adds support for Web based technology files.
Windows Image Acqusition - Used to acquire data from optical devices.
Windows Time - Can be disabled if your Windows is not synchronized.

If there are any problems you may view the help section here or email the Admin.

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